What are YOU doing awake at this hour? Oh..you know…

So I have this tenancy to stay up waaaaay too late nearly every night. I have no real reason to stay up, i just find random shit to do. So I am compiling a list of things I do instead of going to bed at a decent time.

I swear, That's my yawning face.

1. Eat.

I mostly do this because I’m actually hungry.. I eat dinner at like, 5:30 and by one o’clock in the morning, I’m pretty hungry. What I eat really varies. Mostly because I won’t make anything on the stove. I do a lot of hot dogs or chips or ice cream. (Things that give me super whacked out dreams. I’ll talk about my dreams soon.) It’s microwavable or eat it cold! ….Tonight i had this Italian cheesy tomato Lean Cuisine thing.. that was a mistake. I’m gonna dream about spanking giraffes and riding alarm clocks..

2. Listen to Music.

I listen to lots of different styles of music. Tonight for example was black girl groups of the 90’s. If I’m interested in a boy, I’ll listen to music that reminds me of him, or the situation, or music he likes. I won’t be listing examples here, out of fear of embarrassment.

3. Look through pictures from high school and think about how easy and wonderful life used to be.

4. Facebook creep.

I don’t know why I don’t do this during the day. I could. But maybe I feel like under the dark of night, I feel less comfortable with it, so I don’t feel like a pervy bitch. (…Omg. look at her, that slut. Taggin and postin an– Oh shit. She did NOT make that photo of her and the guy I like her motha fukkin profile picture. Ho Bag…

5. Random Art projects.

Tonight I made my Halloween costume. I’m going as the game Twister.

Right hands yellow!

6. Pirate movies from the internet.

Only if they’re rated ARRRRRRRRR. Not really, I just downloaded the Cheetah Girls…

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Mom’s Birthday Meal and Real Steel

So today was pretty great. I worked 9:30 (uggghh remind me to talk about my #9 key…) to 4:00. It’s my mom’s birthday and we went to Mexican Village for her free meal and free fried ice cream. So we’re sitting there, waiting for the waiters and everybody to come sing to her with her candle in her ice cream… our waitress comes with the ice cream, sets it down, lights the candle, and walks away…

¿qué demonios

…my mom got mexi-gypped out of her birthday rights.

Not ok Chico... my madre is a nice lady!! All she wants is a feliz cumpleaños and a little song.

But then… Darin and I went to see Real Steel.

You ALL need to go see this movie for the following reasons:

1. Hugh Jackman plays one REAL sexy dilf.

I'll give you a real steel one in your pants Mr. Jackman... but it looks like you already have one...

2. Dakota Goyo has some SICK dance moves with a robot named Atom.

3. Dakota Goyo is the cutest child on the face of this earth.

I'm gonna real(ly) steel you and take you home and pinch your cheeks forever.

4. Ass whooping Robots.

5. It made Transformers look a little weak.


Yes for real. Especially the third one…

With that random ass British bitch…

Ello' I'm here to ruin the good thing you had going! Where can I get some tea? Don't mind my terrifying eyebrows. Or my accent. My terrible acting will distract from that within 30 seconds.

Rosie What’s-her-tits shows up in this movie and there are so many things about that, that don’t make sense. 1. She’s not american. 2. She’s not Megan Fox. 3. She’s worse than Jessica Simpson when it comes to acting. And That’s saying something…(I know you’ve seen Dukes of Hazzard. Don’t pretend she can get away with that cause she’s cute.)



so go on out there and get your robo-box on!!


Dear Rockford(said demon cat), you're lucky you have one redeemable quality in that you keep my feet warm at night. Otherwise you'd only have 8 lives left...

…well, at least I can buy another computer sometime with my employee discount 😀

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What up smellys.

So apparently my videos are bad (you know who you are ass) and my regular blogs are good.. i don’t know. I’m new to videos, they’ll get better…hopefully.

So I got this job. I’m super excited about it. I had my second day of shadowing on Monday, and it was interesting to say the least.

I arrive on time ready to go and I bring my purse into the employee zone(every time I use the word zone, all I can think of is sports and children and the color red for some reason) and I put my purse in a locker. I came out and was all rearing to go, sellin’ black tie protection, gettin’ paid, livin’ the dream. So a few hours go by; there’s hardly any customers, I’m ringing one guy out and all of a sudden the mother fucking lights go out. Don’t get me wrong, its not like we were in complete darkness, feeling around, accidently groping each other, knowing we’ll never be able to look at each other ever again. There were some lights on. Then a bunch of little alarms start going off. “WAAAH WAAAH WAAAH” And I’m all, “What the hell did I just do? I’m gonna get my ass fired for breaking the whole store.” Well I didn’t. But the power started going out on all of the registers. I was on the last working machine, this guy’s buying a video game. He wants to get the scratch protection put on it (And the angel choir rejoices and sings HALLELUJAH). That was great for me because I hadn’t been able to sell any protection all day. (ha …ha …ha it sounds like I’m selling condoms…get it?) So we go through all of the stuff necessary on the computer for him to get that protection, which took forever because I was on a slow computer, and he swipes his card and WUHBAM!! just like that the demon machine goes offline. The guy couldn’t buy his game. After ten minutes of waiting for the freaking computer to respond, and he can’t get the game. Poor guy… I hope he comes back… actually I really don’t care. I just hope he doesn’t hate me… actually I don’t really care about that either…

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So the image quality is better, but I’m sorry about all that static in the background. :/

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You and I, I, I just peed a little.

So I just watched this on the replay of the VMA’s. If all this amazing Rockin and Rollin doesn’t make you wanna stomp your feet, buy a white t shirt, or get a jerry curl… there is SOMETHING wrong with you.

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So I have so many mixed emotions about the VMA’s.

Well, I missed the beginning of Gaga’s opening, but I caught the end and I saw her in her whole, Jo Whatshisnuts and I wasn’t too weirded out cause I’ve already seen the video for “You and I” (watch it here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9YMU0WeBwU ) where she is dress like a rock n roll dude and all that. But then she stayed a boy all night.


But she wasn’t Gaga. OH no. She “really was” Jo. Now, don’t get me wrong. She was a totally sexy dude. I was just so shocked. The guest hosts on Chelsea Lately once said after she was carried in inside of an egg, that the one thing she could do to really shock people now, was to dress normally. And that is just what she did ladies and gentlemen. EXCEPT, she was a man.

SECONDLY: I couldn’t believe how much…cute…there was this time.

Jonah Hill called Nicki Minaj Nicole. And I thought that was so cute. Cause he’s Jonah Hill…

Chord Overstreet…does that even need an explanation? NO!

Beyonce Rubbin on her baby bump after singing Love On Top was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Bruno Mars sang Valerie in tribute to Amy Winehouse. He was dressed all 50’s dance band and it was so poppy and sweet. NOT TO MENTION Russel Brand said a few words about her. It was so nice and cute.

Then Lil Wayne starts the closer with how to love and  I was so happy and content with the cuteness of it all …Homeboy is singin and all of a damn sudden he rips his shirt and hat off… and goes all MotherFukkin this and ShitBitch that…I mean, Weezy got some moves… he moves pretty quick for being however old he is. But really, it kinda ruined it for me. Then He tries to play guitar while a recording of him rapping with someone else plays? whaaaaa? Then he smashes the thing.. After a failed attempt to play it.

so I don’t really have a word to sum up what I thought….

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Update on my life!! (HA)

Haha…That sure is a flattering shot of my face isn’t it?

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